About Us

On All Fours Cat Sitting, established in 1998 by owner Leslie Kaufman, provides exemplary care of your cats in Manhattan and Queens, while being respectful of your home and possessions.

On All Fours Cat Sitting is invested in the care of your cats while you are out of town for whatever reason.

Our objective is to provide the best care possible for your cats so that you in turn know you have made the right decision in hiring us, to come into your home with a set of your keys, with your valuables exposed, to provide this care, while you are hundreds or thousands of miles away!

Our cat savvy and loving staff takes pride and ownership in the comprehensive care of your feline family members, showering them with love and setting aside time for recreation, cuddling and brushing.

We care about your cats!

We provide a comprehensive service, which includes:

We specialize in administering all types of medication to your cats, and do not charge a premium to do so, including:

We also provide meals and meds via a feeding tube when needed.

We specialize and thrive in the care of senior cats, those with special needs and multi-cat households.

We are vigilant about changes in your cats’ behavior whether relating to litterbox habits, socializing, appetites or water consumption because we know cats and strive to get to know yours, as each cat is so individual!

On All Fours Cat Sitting will not hesitate to take your cat to the vet while he/she is under our watch.
At the meet and greet that we provide free of charge, we ask specific questions regarding your cats’ care so that we know what to expect and have a baseline regarding their behavior, habits and health.

We communicate with you in whatever manner you prefer while you are away to assure you that your babies are thriving despite your absence. We include photos which of course everyone seems to enjoy! Some of the photos our staff have taken are worthy of framing!

Services & Rates